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  • Welcome to the Friends of Big Walnut Creek

  • The new FOBWC Newsletter is now here for you to read

  • Mussel Survey of Big Walnut Creek is now available on this site ...

  • Friends of Big Walnut Creek and Tributaries
    6:30 PM, Tuesday,

  •  December 16th
    Historical Society Clark House
    101 South High Street


  • The MORPC Balanced Growth "Draft Plan" is Ready for Review

  • Ever think of the Lower Big Walnut as an Urban Gem? Read Dan Binder and Kurt Keljo's interview with Dr. Michael Hogarth in the latest Newsletter. FOBWCnewsletter2012

  • Rocky Fork Metro Park Update
     by Steve Studenmund of Franklin County Metro Parks on this page.

  • Read the  McKenna Creek Detention Basin article by "on-the-scene" resident Keith Webster on the Archive Page.

  • Read about a local "Urban Oasis" in  our archived Newsletter FOBWCnewsletter2011

  • Rocky Fork Watershed Plan Endorsed

  • Take the link to: Our Nine Goals to improve the Lower Big Walnut Watershed

  • Click here to go to all Archived Features


  • Using Bioswales and Wetlands  to cleanse parking lot runoff is finding increased use and good results. Look for continuing articles on this innovative practice in the Archive Features

  • The  Watershed Action Plan can be found by clicking on the "Action Plan" at the top of this page. Enjoy all 183 pages of everything you ever wanted to know about our watershed.


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The Friends of Big Walnut Creek will meet at the Historical Society Clark House at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014.

The majority of the meeting will be a discussion of the the Stoneybrook UM Church's ongoing plans to enhance McKenna Run at it's entrance to Big Walnut Creek.

Anyone with an interest in this exciting project are invited to attend and enjoy Mark's Christmas cookies.

Stoneybrook UM Church Looks to FOBWC for Environmental Input

Stoneybrook United Methodist Church members met with FOBWC members and other interested parties in late September to tour the Church's newly acquired property. The former Fraternal Order of Police property at 409 East Johnstown Rd is located on McKenna Run and Big Walnut Creek. With 10.5 acres of land and a silted pond and aging concrete faced dam the Church is looking for ways to enhance the waters entering the Big Walnut Creek and decrease the overall stormwater volume from the paved parking areas.


The FOBWC 2014 Newsletter is now here for you to read ...
Did you know that Franklin County has the most registered kayaks and canoes in Ohio. Read where everyone is paddling and rowing and how MORPC is promoting this growing activity.


Seminal Big Walnut Creek mussel survey report is now complete ...

A report on a mussel survey of Big Walnut Creek form Hoover Dam to its mouth, Franklin and Pickaway counties , Ohio by National expert Michael A. Hoggarth and Michael D. Grumney, Department of Biology and Earth Science at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio was submitted and made available to the Friends of Big Walnut Creek who helped fund the venture.

The report reads, "Big Walnut Creek in central Ohio once supported a mussel fauna of 40 species, but no systematic study of the mussels of the creek has been done ..."

What surprises did Dr. Hoggath and his team find? Were endangered mussels found in the Creek? What mysterious event caused the mass death of so many mussels many years ago and have those mussels returned? If you want the answers then read this informative, detailed and entertaining report.

Mussel Report ...


Welcome to the Friends of Big Walnut Creek and Rocky Fork and Blacklick Tributaries website. The Watersheds served are from below Hoover Dam to the Scioto River Confluence. We hope you share our enthusiasm for these natural wonders right in our own back yard.

The mission of the Friends of Big Walnut Creek is to protect and restore Big Walnut Creek and Rocky Fork and Blacklick Tributaries for the mutual benefit of the human and natural communities and to enhance stewardship within the watershed through education, collaboration, monitoring. and community clean-up efforts.

Please view this link to: Our Nine Goals to Improve the Lower Big Walnut Watershed


Ever think of the Lower Big Walnut as an Urban Gem? Read Dan Binder and Kurt Keljo's interview with Dr. Michael Hogarth in the latest Newsletter. FOBWCnewsletter2012



Rocky Fork Metro Park Update

by Steve Studenmund,
Strategic Planning & Land Acquisition for Metro Parks of Franklin County

Thanks' to the efforts of the City of Columbus, City of New Albany and Plain Township, Metro Parks entered into a partnership with all three to develop a new park in Plain Township in 2008.  Since that time 650 acres have been acquired in northeastern Franklin County.  An advisory group of community members was established in the fall of this year to assist in planning for the new park.  A conceptual plan has been developed after a series of public open houses that focus on typical metro park facilities and visitor experiences including hiking, biking, picnicking, play areas, birding, habitat improvements to improve water quality and forest restoration areas.  Planning for the first phase of development planned for 2012, is underway and will include nature trails and a parking area near an existing wetland complex. 


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MORPC Balanced Growth "Draft Plan" Ready for Review

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), an association of local governments in central Ohio, worked with the Big Walnut Planning Partnership (BWPP) to produce a BigWalnut Watershed Balanced Growth Plan. The 121 page "Draft Plan" is now available for review. This remarkable working document began in Ocotber 2010 with the following Goals and Guiding Principles:

  1. A) Protect Environmental Resources

  2. B) Preserve the unique character of each community

  3. C) Promote Development

If you want to learn about land use, population projections, employment  or impacts from impervious surfaces and many more important topics in the Big Walnut Watershed then you will want to take a close look at the plan by following the links below:

The Draft Plan

Home Page with Stakeholders and remaining meetings



Meeting at the Emerging Rocky Fork Metro Park

Several members of the Friends of Big Walnut Creek and Tributaries and other interested persons walked and rode with Steve Studenmund, Strategic Planning & Land Acquisition Manager for Metro Parks of Franklin County. The Blacklick Park will be one special park when it is open to the public (if they can do something with that mud). There was only one vehicle that got stuck at the event.

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Friends of Big Walnut Newsletter (2010 Issue)

"An Urban Oasis" picture by Henry Cahalla

 Author Henry Crahalla  describes Gahanna's nearby Creekside Park in the latest FOBWC Newsletter in "An Urban Oasis (The Natural Side of Creekside Park)".  This, updates on the Blacklick Creek Watershed Plan by Kurt Keljo, Streamside Protection by Bob Bostard and pictures from the Big Walnut, Rocky Fork and Blacklick Watersheds can be found by following link below ...



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